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Endelig en drikkeflaske som tåler eteriske oljer! 

  • premium kvalitet
  • pakningen i korken tåler eteriske oljer!
  • holder drikker kalde i 24 timer
  • holder drikker varme i 12 timer
  • lekker ikke
  • ingen damp på utsiden
  • rustfritt stål, både ut- og innsiden
  • uten BPA
  • bevarer friskheten og smakene i drikken

SOE is the brand name for our exclusively designed range of drinking bottles.  SOE is defined as a vessel for carrying water (albeit wooden!) but it also represents our unique quality brand (EOS = SOE backwards). What better name than this for our newest collection of Deluxe Water Bottles!

The Selenite bottle is designed with durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel, these bottles have a slight hammered texture, perfect for a quick grip when you are on the go! The airtight lid and seal was specifically designed to resist the effects of essential oils, and as the bottle is airtight and a vacuum is created, you won't experience condensation on the outside, providing you with a consistent experience time after time.

Most water bottles are not designed to be used with essential oils, but we've gone next level for our oily community with these deluxe bottles with a custom created seal to withstand the effects of essential oils that is usual with everyday water bottles.

This drinks bottle comes beautifully packaged and is an ideal gift for friends, family, or anyone in your life that loves natural hydration with a twist - delight them with some essential oil samples to try out with this delightful bottle. There are 3 designs to select from.

These bottles can be used with hot or cold water and should be cleaned using warm soapy water, not dishwasher proof.

Consult your essential oil manufacture's usage guidelines to know which oils are safe for internal use.

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